search or display network understanding the difference

Adwords for Beginners: Understand the difference between the Display and the Search Network:

A lot of people fail to understand how Google organizes it’s advertisement network, don’t forget that with billions of possible websites and virtual places where your ads can appear, there has to be some kind of order and categorization to make things easier!

The main 2 networks where you ads will appear are known as the Display and the Search Network. Lets go over the main difference and characteristics, they will help you understand a little more how Google really does what it does (never forget the entire Google network produces an excess of 40 billion USD per year in advertisement revenue)

How Do I Start a Website

How Do I Start a Website

Now that we’re in the 21st century, creating a terrific website that’s easy to use is the cornerstone of any successful business.
If you’re just entering the digital age or starting up a new business and you don’t have a website or the one you do have isn’t up to snuff,