PPC advertising

The Core Benefits Of PPC

The Core Benefits Of PPC Some businesses have a reluctance to enter in PPC for whatever reason, and pay per click advertising holds no attraction for them. But whatever their reasons are for being anti-PPC there is no doubt that the competition for visibility in search results is fiercer than ever. Along with SEO, PPC…

KPI’s To Look For In SEO

Even for the seasoned SEO guru, Google Analytics can be baffling and quite overwhelming. Without have a dedicated professional at the helm of your digital marketing that understands and utilises the vast amount of data in Analytics it is hardly surprising many small companies struggle. To help such companies, it is highly useful to set…

Best Practices With URL's

Best Practices With URL’s

Best Practices With URL’s The URL of your site is the very web presence itself, and as a basic building block is sometimes ignored or not given the attention that is deserves. The structure of a Uniform Resource Locator does reflect in your SEO attempts, and care must be used in creating it. The following…

Audit Guide

A Quick Guide For Auditing Your Website

Your website is never a finished article, there are always constant tweaks and improvements you can make. Take a look at our article “https://www.voovadigital.com/4-common-seo-mistakes-marketers-make/” for more infomation. And from an SEO point of view there is no stopping constantly split-testing every element.

But in reality, unless a professional digital marketing company is engaged to do this work, only so much time can be devoted to this.

Here is a quick guide how to do auditing on a regular basis.


Top Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Your AdWords Budget

The constant argument over the validity of AdWords and justifying the expense for a long campaign will go on and on. How much you should bid for your PPC is always a mute point.

Many people leave that decision to their digital marketing experts like the Voova Group who are professionals at handling a PPC campaign.

However, we have put together a selection of top tips that can help you stretch your PPC budget and make your money go further.